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75 Litre Wheelie Bin | Yellow

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£57.86 - £57.86
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SKU 300714
  • Order by 12.30pm today for Next Working Day Delivery
  • Stores up to 1 refuse sacks
  • Max Load: 45kg
  • Data Sheet Download

If you like bright colours then you’ll like our 75 Litre yellow bin.

Available in a very bright “banana yellow” HDPE, it has identical properties of strength and resistance to weathering as the Dark Grey bin but with a brighter, happier outward looking appearance.

As standard, your bin will be supplied with a matching colour lid, unless selected otherwise.

If you have any doubts over which wheelie bin size and / or colour your council will empty, then please contact your local authority as each one may adopt different policies.

Additional Information

It can stand up against heavy duty handling, although we advise you not to test it to destruction, and is supplied with two very sturdy rubber wheels.

Compact, inconspicuous and easy to move about, even when full with a weeks’ worth of rubbish, our 75 litre wheelie bin is the ideal choice for those of you that don’t like wheelie bins.

Order by 12.30pm today for Free Next Day Delivery and Woody will be doing wheelies in the car park.

  • Stores up to 2 refuse sacks
  • Ideal for the collection of solid waste, paper, cardboard, scrap cans and bottles
  • Easy to move around, even when full to the brim
  • Lightweight but still incredibly tough
  • It won’t fade in the sunlight
  • Constructed from HDPE
  • Simple to clean and keep hygienic
  • Close fitting lid prevents any messy spillages