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About Us

Wheelie bin cartoon - grey is an e-commerce business situated in Leicestershire that aims to deliver good quality wheelie bins to, well, everyone who needs one.

Whether you‘re a purchaser for a large buildings material company or the everyday citizen replacing a bin set on fire by yobs, getWheelieBins will provide the same promise to everyone; competitive pricing and exceptional service!

We understand buying a wheelie bin is a mundane and forgettable task so we aim to make your experience as simple as we can. With only a few clicks of a mouse, your bin can be in your basket ready for you to submit your details and by tea-time the next day, it can be sitting in your backyard.

As a small company we believe in the core principles of great customer service, value for money and expedient delivery, I mean who doesn’t? But we mean it. So if you find a cheaper bin, phone our sales team and we’ll see if we can better the price. Ultimately, we’re all searching for the best deal, so as long as we’re still able to pay ourselves a wage and you get a good deal, its win-win!

When can you contact us?

Everyone needs a break every now and then, so our offices are open Monday - Friday 8:30am - 5:00pm (excluding bank holidays)