Skip to content Aims to Bring Unbeatable Wheelie Bin Prices to the Masses is a new e-commerce website this week with the sole aim of bringing unbeatable wheelie bin prices to the masses. We offer the best online prices with free next day delivery on all 2 wheeled bins and free delivery on all 4 wheeled bins combined with multiple purchase discounts; what more could you ask for!

The website was the brainchild of the affable Woody the Wheelie Bin who put together a dedicated team of developers, marketers and SEO specialists to create a website that is user friendly, easy to navigate and aesthetically pleasing.

“I wanted to create a website that not only provided great value but also looked good on the eye. Something that is simple and easy for people to navigate around. It’s literally three clicks and one of my mates can be making its way to you” commented Woody.

Woody went on to explain that he hopes the image of wheelie bins can be improved by the sites dedication to highlighting there many qualities. He added, “it saddens me that wheelie bins are as divisive as they are, they seem to be similar to Marmite in that you either love them or loathe them.”

getWheelieBins hopes to give customers an experience that will not only give them a deal that leaves a few extra quid in their back pocket but also informs and entertains. Woody will be writing a regular blog that will “lift the lid” on the undiscovered world of wheelie bins.

“I’d just like people to realise that wheelie bins are practical, well designed, a better alternative to the traditional dustbin and essentially fun. I’m looking to create a win-win situation where buyers get a good deal fast and we can begin to alter people’s opinions on wheelie bins for the better” appealed Woody.

So if you’re planning on buying a wheelie bin, go and see Woody and his cheeky grin at getWheelieBins for great customer service, value for money and expedient delivery.

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